Every year we conduct a ‘Quality Assurance’ on the training posts in our scheme, and at a formal 'Quality Panel’ meeting we:

  • Review the evidence and make judgements on the educational quality of each post in the programme and offer how it might be improved. 

  • Agree an overall grade for each post and record this with the qualitative remarks on the matrix. 

  • Agree any anomaly grades and comment as appropriate.


We assess in the process educational and clinical supervisors in each training practice (both for GP trainees and F2 doctors' practices) and each secondary care post  (for GP trainees only). When necessary in the secondary care posts we arrange a meeting between one or two of our GP educators, the consultant in charge of GP education and as many of the clinical supervisors as possible, to discuss how we can support and continue to improve these jobs, and any other training issues that arise. This forms part of the HEE South West Quality Management Framework through which the LETB/Deanery holds trusts to account through the annual contract meeting.

The process of assessment and documentation changed in 2015 to update and align all assessments in medical training posts in the HEE Severn and Peninsula areas. The new process uses the new GMC standards for medical education and training that started on 1/1/16: effective education environment, safe working environment and quality data matrices.